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Looking for a transformative career that will pave a path toward success while you change the lives of others? This is it. As a corporate team member of EVEXIAS Health Solutions, you will have the opportunity to support practitioners as they integrate innovative therapies and technologies that truly transform how people care for their health.


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EVEXIAS Health Solutions is a rapidly growing medical education, marketing-technology, and consulting company seeking motivated, talented individuals to join our corporate team in Southlake, Texas.  EVEXIAS offers a complete set of solutions for practitioners seeking effective and innovative therapies to truly bring healing to their patients, while also growing their business.

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Our corporate team has a variety of opportunities for the right individual. 

As an employee, you can enjoy benefits such as PTO, paid holidays, medical, dental, and vision. EVEXIAS also offers discounted wellness services at our clinic.

This is fast-paced, ever-changing environment that leverages leading-edge technology to recruit, educate, and support practitioners in delivering integrative therapies into their private medical practice.

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EVEXIAS Corporate Openings

Accounting Specialist

Are you a QuickBooks expert with experience in accounting and finance? Join the EVEXIAS – FarmaKeio team as an Accounting Specialist.

HR Director

Do you have a passion for people and excellent interpersonal skills? We are seeking a new team member with an excellent understanding of human resources. Join our growing and dynamic organization as an HR Director!

EVEXIAS Strategic partner job openings

Chief Pharmacy Officer

Do you have strong leadership skills and a passion to positively impact healthcare? We are seeking a Chief Pharmacy Officer to optimize pharmacy services, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive innovation.

Certified Pharmacy Tech

Do you have compounding experience? In this role, you will work with the FarmaKeio AR Team to process compounding work orders, compound product, and maintain the pharmacy work area and equipment.

Certified Pharmacy Tech

Do you have compounding experience? In this role, you will work with the FarmaKeio A Team to process compounding work orders, compound product, and maintain the pharmacy work area and equipment.

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PDS review of evexias

Everyday at EVEXIAS is new and exciting. We move really fast, but we accomplish great things in a short time. It's fantastic to work somewhere that leverages marketing tools and technology in a constructive way. The vision is clear. The mission is worthy.

Robbie Mckee

Meeting new people and seeing new places is probably one of my favorite things and I get to do both with this job. Plus, there is a real vision for the organization that allows private practice practitioners to really take back control of their patient care and practice medicine on their terms with great success.

Milly Crown

Every day is different and exciting! I'm part of innovative new therapies that are changing how people live and giving them back their quality of life. Plus, I work with great people and am on career path that is thriving--I became a District Sales Leader within my first year!

Kelly Blum

I've grown an amazing career with EVEXIAS over the last four years. I went from Practice Development Specialist to District Leader in less than two years. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Julius Coulson

Offer REAL Solutions for Practitioners and Patients


Healthcare practitioners are essential to our world. Without their empathy and intellect, quality of life would diminish, and many would perish. However, today’s physicians are notoriously overworked, underpaid, and burned out: 

  • 42 percent of physicians across 29 specialties are experiencing burnout, including increased rates of stress and anxiety (January 2021, Medscape) 
  • Rates of suicide among physicians are two times higher than the average individual (October 2020, The Washington Post) 
  • “Physician” is among the highest paid profession with the highest rate of burnout (January 2020, U.S. News and World Report) 
  • Low compensation and too many hours at work rank among the top reasons physicians feel burned out (March 2021, National Institute of Healthcare Management) 


EVEXIAS Health Solutions focuses on providing integrative business solutions to help practitioners restore balance to their work life, increase revenue, and enhance patient care. EVEXIAS is led by a team of business professionals dedicated to practice development solutions and experienced in managing successful practice operations. EVEXIAS leverages the latest technology and cutting-edge business tools to support practitioners and staff in implementing and executing proven systems for practice growth.

Every practice in the network is supported by a dedicated Practice Development Specialist and the EVEXIAS corporate team, which includes top-level sales executives, strategic marketers, administrators, and leading medical experts. This team not only provides the latest business tools and solutions for practice operations and growth, but EVEXIAS Health Solutions is committed to providing continuous education and training in medical research, industry updates and more for all practitioners and teams in their network.