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EVEXIAS Health Solutions is revolutionizing the practice of medicine toward a preventive care model that positively impacts patient lives while also allowing practitioners to grow their practice.

The EVEXIAS team has helped thousands of practitioners across the nation enhance patient care and expand their bottom line through advanced medical education and training from industry-leading medical practitioners, researchers, and scientists, as well as providing access to leading-edge therapies and technologies that support the prevention of disease and improve quality of life. Every EVEXIAS program is backed by strategic business plans and operational practices exclusively developed for private medical practices by top experts in business and medicine.

The EvexiPEL Method is the signature program exclusively offered by EVEXIAS. As an EvexiPEL certified provider, you can do more for your patients and your practice.

Become an evexipel certified provider

EvexiPEL hormone pellet therapy along with superior medical education and certification to help providers expand their practice and enhance patient care. As an EvexiPEL certified provider, you receive comprehensive business solutions designed for private medical practice, advanced training from leading medical experts in hormone balance, hormone replacement therapy, pellet insertion, and nutraceuticals, as well as the dedicated support of a local Practice Development Specialist.

What is Evexipel?

EvexiPEL is a comprehensive solution to the uncomfortable symptoms associated with aging and provides the added benefit of support for disease prevention. Hormone balance has been shown to eliminate distressing symptoms and mitigate markers of multiple major chronic diseases. EvexiPEL pellet therapy is a true health solution—backed by medical research—for men and women seeking to achieve hormone balance.

As an EvexiPEL certified provider, you gain access to the highest quality compounds for hormone replacement therapy, superior pellet therapy, industry-leading nutraceuticals to support optimization, and medical education to develop  a complete, custom, and highly effective treatment plan for each individual patient.


Experience a whole new way to practice medicine. Become an EvexiPEL Certified Provider to get a complete set of solutions for your practice and your patients. 

As an EVEXIAS Partner Provider, you get access to advanced medical education and training, world-class business solutions, leading-edge technology, and integrative medicine therapies that are transforming medicine.

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Grow Your Practice With EvexiPEL

When you become an EvexiPEL certified practitioner, you can:

  • Increase patient acquisition. EvexiPEL includes a complete marketing kit with assets for your office, ongoing marketing support, and digital campaigns that can bring patients right to your doorstep.
  • Improve patient retention. Pre- and post-procedure campaigns tell your patients what to expect, how to manage their therapy, and remind them when it’s time to start thinking about the next appointment—all through a quick QR code scan and SMS text message.
  • Lower your current pellet therapy fees for men and women. EvexiPEL has the lowest service fees on the market.
  • Build more revenue streams with complementary therapies. EvexiPEL includes access to all hormone replacement therapy modalities, peptide therapy, and additional compounded therapies.
  • No contract. EvexiPEL doesn’t lock you into a contract.  There is no penalty for cancellation. No non-compete clause to prohibit your ability to give great care.

The Evidence-Based Health Solution

EvexiPEL is rapidly rising as the industry-leader in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and for good reason. Unlike any other brand on the market, EvexiPEL uses custom compounded, precision-made pellets shown to improve the patient experience and yield better overall outcomes.

Want to know more about what sets EvexiPEL apart and just why hormone therapy is a transformative solution for patient care? Review the research below. Click a study below and fill out the form to access.

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peptide therapy

Peptides are small strings of amino acids that act as drones to influence specific pathways and molecular responses to induce growth and repair, modulate inflammation, and mitigate the effects of aging. While they have been in use in limited ways for a couple of decades, only recently are clinicians becoming aware of their power and potential.   

Unlock the potential of peptides with EVEXIAS Peptide Therapy training featuring internationally renowned clinical pharmacist, educator, and expert, Jim LaValle, RPh, CCN, MT, ND. Restore vitality and promote optimal health in your patients when you add the peptide therapy to your practice.


The most comprehensive treatment plans include high quality nutraceutical and dietary supplements. These complementary treatments not only yield better outcomes, but also support greater overall health and wellbeing for the patient. Increased energy, reduced inflammation, improved cognitive function, enhanced immunity, better sleep, effective weight management, and more are achieved when your treatment plan is paired with EVEXIAS nutraceutical and dietary supplements.