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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about EVEXIAS Health Solutions and EvexiPEL. Click below to download research on hormone therapy, pellet therapy, and exactly what sets EvexiPEL apart from the competition. Plus, discover more resources available to EVEXIAS partner practitioners and their patients.

Hormone replacement therapy dates back nearly a century, including hormone pellet therapy. Continued research has shown that bioidentical hormone therapy is not only effective for symptom relief, but supports disease prevention and optimizes total health. Download the research below to learn more.

HRT research


(1) The Truth about the Women’s Health Initiative

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(2) The Vital Role of Hormone Therapy in Managing Disease

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(3) Advancements in Pellet Therapy

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EVEXIAS offers a complete library of patient education resources, including a blog filled with information on hormone balance, bioidentical hormone therapy, testosterone therapy, menopause, and much more. See how hormone therapy can change the lives of your patients.

The EVEXIAS Medical Advisory Board supports the development, education, and training of all EVEXIAS programs, services, and products. EVEXIAS is committed to working with top experts in integrative, functional, and preventive medicine to you on the forefront of an ever-evolving industry.

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