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Looking for a career that will change your life while you change the lives of others? This is it. As a Practice Development Specialist with EVEXIAS Health Solutions, you will have the opportunity to help practitioners discover innovative therapies and technologies that can truly transform how people care for their health.


Join our webinar and get geared up to change the lives of practitioners and their patients.

Be on the forefront of transformation

EVEXIAS Health Solutions is a rapidly growing medical training, marketing and consulting company seeking Independent Medical Sales Representatives in your metro area.  EVEXIAS offers a complete set of solutions for practitioners seeking effective and innovative therapies to truly bring healing to their patients, while also growing their business.

Evexipel pellet therapy
Peptide therapy

What to Expect

As an Independent Medical Sales Representative, you would do what you already do best:

  • Conduct research to find and generate new clients
  • Develop and maintain new and existing practices
  • Partner with clients to implement business solutions that accomplish their goals
  • Build life-long relationships while earning predictable recurring wealth

Our clients are medical providers from all disciplines of medicine; the major call points being Family Medicine, OB/GYN, Urology, Oncology, Pain Management and Preventive Medicine.


Uncapped commission
Varied commission sources
No quotas
Set your own schedule
Continuous training & support
Advancement opportunities


Must love sales
B2B/Outside sales experience
Excellent communication skills
Strong presentation skills
Goal-oriented self-starter
Ability to build a pipeline


Full time: Monday - Friday
Remote (in your area)
Contract position
High school or equivalent required
3+ years sales experience preferred
Driver's license
Reliable transportation

Join our webinar and get geared up to change the lives of practitioners and their patients

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I enjoy getting to connect with a variety of different practitioners from multiple disciplines and essentially help them help their patients. I also have already heard numerous patients tell me their experience and change in their life from our medicine and how much it has positively affected their relationships and life in general.

Ryan Bell

I enjoy knowing I am helping to redirect healthcare in this country to a healthier model. I also enjoy working with the PDSs to help them be successful and help them better understand the market and how to be successful.

Matt Wingate

I love wokring with new practices and educating them on the medicine and our training. I have enjoyed the growth opportunities and being able to work with new Practice Development Specialists to share those positive growth experiences.

Christina Haugland

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Offer REAL Solutions for Practitioners and Patients


Healthcare practitioners are essential to our world. Without their empathy and intellect, quality of life would diminish, and many would perish. However, today’s physicians are notoriously overworked, underpaid, and burned out: 

  • 42 percent of physicians across 29 specialties are experiencing burnout, including increased rates of stress and anxiety (January 2021, Medscape) 
  • Rates of suicide among physicians are two times higher than the average individual (October 2020, The Washington Post) 
  • “Physician” is among the highest paid profession with the highest rate of burnout (January 2020, U.S. News and World Report) 
  • Low compensation and too many hours at work rank among the top reasons physicians feel burned out (March 2021, National Institute of Healthcare Management) 


EVEXIAS Health Solutions focuses on providing integrative business solutions to help practitioners restore balance to their work life, increase revenue, and enhance patient care. EVEXIAS is led by a team of business professionals dedicated to practice development solutions and experienced in managing successful practice operations. EVEXIAS leverages the latest technology and cutting-edge business tools to support practitioners and staff in implementing and executing proven systems for practice growth.

Every practice in the network is supported by a dedicated Practice Development Specialist and the EVEXIAS corporate team, which includes top-level sales executives, strategic marketers, administrators, and leading medical experts. This team not only provides the latest business tools and solutions for practice operations and growth, but EVEXIAS Health Solutions is committed to providing continuous education and training in medical research, industry updates and more for all practitioners and teams in their network.