What can Hormone Replacement Therapy Do for YOUR Practice?

  • Do more for your patients. Get to the root cause of symptoms and age-related discomforts. With HRT, you can provide lasting solutions to your patients.
  • Support long term disease prevention. HRT is shown in multiple studies and anecdotal evidence to help prevent many forms of chronic disease.
  • Maximize your time. Get more out of your clinic time with a proven system for patient care operations when you implement EvexiPEL pellet therapy.
  • Expand your patient base. Attract more patients with an expanded list of services and incentivize referrals simply by providing a therapy that delivers actual solutions to your patients’ health issues.
  • Grow your bottom line. Earn more than you thought possible with better care options that create residual recurring revenue.

Access leading studies to understand the role of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Review the leading studies shared by our Medical Board during today’s presentation. Unravel the myths and facts about hormone replacement therapy and discover the difference it can make in your patients’ lives. Click below to read more:

Why Choose EVEXIPEL by Evexias Health Solutions?

Every EvexiPEL certified provider enjoys extensive benefits designed to optimize patient outcomes and practice revenue, including:

  • Proprietary dosing algorithm supported by a state-of-the-art dosing platform exclusively reserved for EvexiPEL certified providers
  • Access to Medical Board, comprised of  renowned experts in hormone balance and wellness therapies
  • Initial and continuous education and training in hormone replacement therapy to stay at the forefront of technology and industry changes
  • Expert leadership and support in practice business objectives both on and offsite with a highly trained EVEXIAS Practice Development Specialist
  • Innovative strategies and support for practice marketing, patient experience, patient acquisition, reputation management, and more from the EVEXIAS Connect team, experts in digital and grassroots marketing specifically for healthcare practitioners
  • Knowledge base of resources and support for self-advancement and long-term success
The next level of patient care and practice growth awaits. Contact your Practice Development Specialist to get started. Just 30 minutes could be the first step toward positive transformation for your patients and your practice.

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